Office Kitchen: Must Have or a Perk?

Kitchen in workplace office

The office’s kitchen is a vital component and helps to create a healthier workplace. It’s not just a location for employees to refuel and recharge; it’s also a place where they can exchange ideas and build great professional connections. Why not make this place as friendly as possible for the 57% of workers who say that having a working kitchen would increase their productivity? Renovating your office’s kitchen in 2022 is a good idea if it’s outdated, underutilised, or both.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your office kitchen in order to maximise productivity while also promoting health and well-being.

Considerations for the Kitchen Design

Your employees’ health should be a top priority when it comes to the design of your office kitchen. Make the workplace a place where people can rest both physically and psychologically.

Kitchen Layout

Change the arrangement of your workplace kitchen if possible so that it is open and centrally positioned for easy access by all workers. This makes it easier for people to bump into one another, socialise, and cooperate, all of which you want to promote with your new kitchen. This is an excellent situation, when employees from different departments may come together to learn from each other’s experiences, enhancing their overall grasp of the firm.

Kitchen Lighting

Ensure that the area is open, airy, and light so that it creates a relaxing and uplifting environment. With large windows, natural light is preferred, but if that isn’t possible, artificial lighting can aid. The lighting should be bright enough but not harsh to ensure that staff can read comfortably. Use curtains to soften your artificial lighting if you find it too bright in your kitchen. Lamps, wall sconces, and ceiling lighting may all be strategically placed to better distribute light across the room.


Cleaning materials and tools are necessary for staff to use to maintain a clean and orderly work environment. Leaving food leftovers and dirty dishes out in the open attracts vermin, which may be harmful to your health. A dishwasher, sinks and waste bins should be provided at the workplace to enable staff to clean up after a quick snack.

Your new kitchen should be a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself. With the contemporary kitchen’s innovative features, taking into account things like available counter space, lighting, and equipment for food preparation becomes paramount. This can help design a kitchen where your staff enjoys mingling.

Include the following products:

Your kitchen should be organized in a way that maximizes efficiency! Your employees will be more productive (and happier) if you provide them with the following items at your work café.

Kitchen Seating That Is Appropriate

Make your kitchen area more than simply a location to get a fast lunch if you want to draw people together in your organization. Make sure your staff have a place to relax and share ideas with each other.

Employees can work together more readily in an informal setting with tables and chairs that can be moved about. In order to create a coherent look in your kitchen, we recommend picking tables and chairs that fit the overall style and colour palette, it is best to stay away from dark or black kitchens in an office, see here for picking the best kitchen colours. With so many places to sit, other workers may easily join in on the conversation.

In order to promote rest and relaxation, couches are an excellent choice. Keeping a fabric couch clean may be a real pain. Make sure that your new dynamic office atmosphere is reflected in the design you pick.


You should provide many plugs or charging stations for employees’ laptops or other electronic devices if you want to encourage them to use the new space for both work and recreation. Additional monitors in this region might let employees go inside the zone even further.

Nutritional Snack Stations

Employees should have access to spaces where they may make nutritious refreshments. Snacks such as chips, chocolate bars, and sweets are popular choices for workers who don’t have access to a kitchen. Your employees will not be able to focus on their tasks if they eat these items.

Providing adequate counter space for chopping veggies for a salad is one such example. Your workplace kitchen should include a refrigerator for keeping fresh food, and a water cooler to keep the staff from relying on soda and this is often something that millennials look for when choosing an employer.

Your new office kitchen’s product selection is virtually limitless. Your employees will utilise the items, and they should also blend in with the general look and feel of your workplace when making a purchasing decision. You may also create new spaces for cooperation and networking by installing a coffee station in a prominent position if you can’t rebuild your present work kitchen completely.

It’s time for your office kitchen to receive an upgrade if you’ve been putting it off for too long. Creating an inviting café for employees may help foster a sense of community and foster an environment where ideas can be exchanged. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your new office café, don’t worry.

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