Why Choose a Garden Room for a Home Office? 

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According to the UK’s Office for National Statistics, there were close to 900,000 people working remotely in 2008, and by 2018, this number rose to more than 1,500,000. And this was before the COVID-19 pandemic – it’s pretty safe to say that the number of people working from home is even higher now. 

The inevitable consequence of all this is the fact that more and more remote workers feel the need for a separate working environment – one without the distractions and noise of the main house. Building a dedicated garden room, which you’ll be using as your home office, has many benefits over converting an existing room. Here are some of the most important ones: 

It Removes the Lengthy Commute 

Having a home office right there in your garden completely removes the time you’d otherwise spend travelling to and from the workplace. In other words, it allows you to choose whether to arrive right on time – as you would in your regular workplace – or earlier than you normally would so that you can get more done for your job. Of course, you can always arrive later, too. It’s all up to you! 

It Adds Value to Your Home 

Yes, you’ve read that right. Not only does having a garden home office save you money, but it also increases the overall value of your property – especially if you pay attention to its aesthetics while building one. It’s a well-known fact that an investment such as this one can increase the value of the entire property by up to 7%. After all, a well-designed garden room is a practical, attractive space that can come in quite handy if you ever decide to sell your house. 

One of the great ways to make your garden room stand out is to create a patio area around it using beautiful Indian sandstone paving slabs. You can also use this to highlight the area that is your workplace and outside of that is family space.

It Saves You Money 

Choosing a garden room for a home office means cutting out the commute, as mentioned above. It allows you to save the money you would otherwise spend on petrol, train tickets, and other similar travel expenses. The money saved in this way can then be used for other things. 

It Also Saves Space in Your Home 

In the last two years, a lot of people thought that remote working will be only a temporary solution, but for many of them, it became the new normal. A lot of bedrooms and dining rooms became home offices, which have overtaken space in many homes across the world. 

The best way to claim that space back is by moving your home office into a garden room. A garden-based office allows one to keep all work-related things in a special, dedicated building, allowing that same person (and his/her family) to go back to using the aforementioned rooms as they once did. 

It Gives You Peace and Quiet 

We all know that offices can be noisy and crowded, but sometimes, the same can be said for our households. If you have a lot of family members and they’re quite noisy at times, you probably have trouble with finding the peace and quiet you need in order to focus on your work. 

This is precisely why adding a garden home office to your property is such a good idea – it brings you much-needed tranquillity and allows you to make the most out of it. With you as the only worker around, you can do whatever you want, whether this means working in total silence or with some background music. 

It Gives You Complete Freedom 

Those who start working remotely quickly find out that the rules they had to obey in the office can now be relaxed. Using a garden room as your home office means taking breaks whenever you need them. It means taking lunch at a different time – the one that suits you the best. It also means being able to wear more casual (and therefore more comfortable) clothes. 

In short, having a garden room as a home office allows people to take control over their schedule, giving them more freedom while they’re still doing their job. 

It Can be Ready in No Time 

A lot of garden structures, particularly if they’re made from timber or oak frames, can be assembled very quickly. What is more, it is possible to be fully in charge of the entire assembly process, whether you’re a handyman or not – you just need to purchase a garden room building kit from one of the companies that supply them. 

Choosing this option means being able to set a deadline that genuinely suits you from the very moment all the parts arrive at your address. 

It Separates Your Home Life & Work Life 

By choosing to have a home office in a garden room – that is, a little bit away from the main house – one can still easily separate home life from work life. As you probably already know, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is very important for your well-being as a remote worker

Keep in mind that you’re more likely to unwind, relax, and chat with your family members indoors than in a garden room. Also, putting your work computer into a garden room means that you won’t be so easily tempted to check work-related emails late in the evening. 


There are many great reasons that turn a garden room into a phenomenal option for all those working from their homes. These buildings are an ideal choice for folks who not only need a dedicated home-based workplace, but also something that will add both space and value to their properties. 

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